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Get to know us

Shilfer is a market place for creative entrepreneurs, individuals and any NGOs to showcase their creative and unique products to connect with the world and sell. At Shilfer we believe that if you have anything creative you deserve to be known and make the most of it. You could be an upcoming artist or an individual at home with a creative skill, to show the world how great you are.

Shilfer is a great place not only for creative sellers to showcase their products but for people around the world to find products not available in the open market. It’s a place where you could follow your favorite artist, create your own list of favorites on your dashboard to become a trend setter and be followed yourself. Shilfer is not just another e-commerce website but also a social media platform for creative people to interact with each other.

The most important part of Shilfer is You because Shilfer is all about You, so make the best of it by bringing out the best in you.